Posted by: David French | March 1, 2009

Music Education Blog Carnival, 1st March 2009

Welcome to the March 2009 edition of Music Education Blog Carnival.
There are some compelling and varied articles for you this month and I am delighted to be your host.  

Music Performance

What better way to begin than with some music! I look forward to the reaction of my 12 year old school students to these inspirational performances by Sungha Jung!!  Tony Huynh presents A Real Guitar Hero – Sungha Jung 12 Year Old Prodigy Fingerstyle Guitarist posted at

Continuing the theme of guitar performance, Lorna Findlay presents Play the Guitar-Fast, Easy and Efficiently | Learn Guitar    …it may take all of your endearing overflowing patience and precious, precious time to create one piece of melody and make it whole. This is one predicament most beginners have when learning to play something. Posted at Learn Guitar.

Music Pedagogy

Steve Engel includes one post in a series related to his action plans following a disappointing Winter Concert.  Steve Engel presents Rethinking My Approach, Part 2: Rhythm/Pulse posted at Music Ed Lounge.

Discover five tried and true music games that students love!  Natalie Wickham presents Large Group Games for the Music Class posted at Music Matters Blog.

Twenty Questions for Educators, with lots of highlights and lowlights from a career as a music teacher.  Nancy Flanagan presents Twenty Questions (about Education Me) posted at Teacher in a Strange Land.

Explore the endless possibilities of sound and music students can create with their voices when supported with various music tech devices. Evan Tobias presents Expanding the voice… From T-Pain to Tuvan Throat Singing posted at Catalysts & Connections.

Music Technology

How do you as a music educator determine whether or not utilizing a “technology” in a classroom setting will be both a good-fit and worthwhile endeavor?  J. Pisano presents Should We Utilize Technology in the Music Classrooms? Questions to Ask First. posted at Music, Technology and Education:

If you’re creating some MIDI drum tracks  “…drums matter. They matter a lot. Spend as much time fussing over your drum tracks as you do your solos. Maybe more.”  Spence presents Find Your Inner Vinnie Colaiuta: 12 Ways to Make Better MIDI Drum Tracks posted at Guitarbalooga.

Claire Burns absolutely loves folk dancing!  With direct links to an MP3 download of Sasha and other resources for dance and singing, Claire presents Using Audacity to Have Fun With Folk Dances posted at Learn Me Music.


Tupac uses the arts to explain his views on society. He also presents us with ideas on how we can better ourselves and our society. Through music Tupac lives on. Ryan Taft presents Tupac: Changes for Society posted at Society is Deaf.   

Mountain Battles is “…experimental, interesting, and strangely cool. Highly recommended for all you nostalgic hipsters.” Jason Hennings presents The Breeders – Mountain Battles [4AD 2008] posted at Dynamic CDs.

Read all about Barrie Lapins, Memorabilia Acquisitions Manager for the Hard Rock Cafe. Khan presents Making a Career on Rock n’ roll Memorabilia posted at Higher Education and Career Blog.

Gary Mullen presents An Introduction to Various African Instruments posted at African Instruments.  The article covers various African instruments, their uses and origins.

Chris Foley presents Classical Music’s Encounter with Twitter posted at The Collaborative Piano Blog.

To conclude this edition, don’t forget to bookmark this interactive links music education website…..

tanbur-website-iconTanbur Music Education Links

Internet links for Primary and Secondary Music.
Click on LISTEN, PLAY, SONGS and QUIZ to discover a wide range of Internet sites with instruments, composers and musical styles from around the world.

Next Month

Be sure to submit your blog article to the April 2009 Music Education Blog Carnival using the Carnival Submission Form. Past and future hosts can be found at Dr Joseph Pisano’s Music Education Carnival Homepage. Thanks for visiting!



  1. This is indeed very cool! This is also one way for younger generation to appreciate music.

  2. […] month’s Music Education Carnival is being hosted by David French of Tanbur Music Education Blogspot. The carnival is divided into […]

  3. Congrats on a successful carnival!

    ~J. Pisano -MusTech.Net

  4. Just like to appreciate your posts. Your blog is indeed a great resource for music teachers.

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  6. Good work. Especially good points about the drum tracks. Inspires me a bit to do more with this.

  7. Looks like your site is getting alot of visitors. Are you doing any time of special coding to make your site appear so well in the search engines? Great Job!

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